January 20, 2016 Posted by Tiffany Wilson

Soothing Natural Ingredients for Rosacea Skin Care

A question arises that why natural ingredients are best for skin and its problems against medications. It is important to stay away from harsh, drying and irritating (irritation always equals redness) ingredients in your skin care routine when you have rosacea. Here, we talk about what you might want to look for in rosacea skin care.

Struggling with one of the most common skin conditions, known as Rosacea is not an uncommon battle for many Americans. We had harsh Rosacea for several years when we were a teenager. The strange and embarrassing red pigmentation on my skin was incorrectly categorized as acne at school and we were ostracized. Unfortunately for me, this runs in my family. More specifically, it was passed down from my dad who had the condition for years before it mysteriously went away one day.

By the time, at the age of 16, we had been to so many skin care professionals who really seemed to know nothing about what we were going through. They gave me many chemical based prescription creams instead of natural rosacea solutions that only seemed to cause more problems.

We finally decided to leave the skin care professionals to their chemistry and go for an all organic solution. We found that natural ingredients like aloe and calendula were amazingly soothing when applied to my irritated skin that was affected by Rosacea. While the natural products were not prescribed by a doctor, they seemed to work even better than anything that the so called skin care experts had given to me. When we looked at the ingredients on the bottles of chemical; based creams we could not read them, but when we looked at my holistic product lists we found that the ingredients all came from nature.

We figured at that point that it was much better to use something that had clean and pronounceable ingredients that we could easily research. Because these natural products were so soothing to my skin we began to investigate further. We read a lot about my condition and found that many thing We had done were the opposite of soothing, they were in fact aggravating my Rosacea which was interesting considering that the physicians had mentioned nothing about the benefits of aloe, calendula, and even cool water rather than hot stirring up water.