March 23, 2016 Posted by Tiffany Wilson

Penile Size - How Can We Improve It?

The size of the penile organ had a major role throughout the human development. Those who have been disadvantaged in this respect by nature were forced to conceal or enlarge their male dignity. And because in those times people were not even suspecting the existence of plastic surgery, they have had to deal with slightly different methods. Primary mode for increasing penile size at those times was the suspension of various weights. Incidentally, this method is applicable today but now in a civilized form. In ancient times, they used stones to play the role of weights. The procedure starts from the very childhood with gradually increasing severity. This was the most common but not the only way to enlarge the pennis. Others are assigned to regular massage of the sexual organ using lard from animals representing the male force, but also were used a variety of spells and magic.

Nowadays, the possibilities for increasing the penile size are more and more civilized. One of them is surgery. Modern medicine allows the penis to increase by a few inches through the various implants. This is quite complicated and dangerous operation. In case of successful outcome, the result is real. You should be aware that this operation is quite expensive and during the recovery, you will feel pain and it is possible to have scars.

Another way to improve the penile size is by tablets, ointments and herbs. This method works but the results may not be very durable. You should also watch what you buy so you do not come across a counterfeit product. That is why it is important to find all you can about it before you start using it.

Another possible method is to use an extender. This is a mechanical device for stretching the penis, which is worn for 8 hours a day for half a year to achieve the desired result. This method is a little extreme and rather is associated with more liabilities than assets.

Nowadays, very used are vacuum pumps for penis enlargement. Their operating principle is quite simple. Creating a low pressure around the penis / using a vacuum / forced increases blood flow to the penis that swells and becomes hard. In medicine, the process is called "hyperemia". This method is suitable for temporary erection enhancement 2-3 minutes before intercourse. However, you should be careful because the use of the pump may not be very safe.

The manual adjustment is one of the oldest methods of penis enlargement. One type of bodybuilding but it focuses on specific body parts - the penile. Over time, have been imposed various systems based on one main idea - Work with your hands. This method is not associated with liabilities and the most benefited from it reported positive results.